When Scissor Sisters announced their temporary hiatus after their last tour, there was a collective “NO!” that was echoed throughout the pop blogesphere and many are still left wondering what the future will be for the outrageous pop foursome. I might just die if they actually break up, but one can’t deny they’ve had an amazing run as one of the pioneers of envelope pushing pop who aren’t afraid to throw a drag queen or release fierce tunes like “Kiki” into the mix every so often.

Whatever happens, you can bet that Scissor Sisters guitar-wielding Del Marquis isn’t going to stop making music nor pushing envelopes any time soon. His latest project Del & Xavier sees the release of a very Prince-like track called “Let Me Tickle Your Fancy” that is so infectious, you might have to sanitize yourself after the first few listens.

When I first saw this video in unlisted mode, I shrieked with joy and couldn’t quite wipe off the cheesy grin on my face for a few hours. It’s so gay, it’s good and I think the music industry is finally warming up to embracing their inner camp, so why not put something like this out? “Let Me Tickle Your Fancy” takes a twisted version of “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John and mashes it up with a 70’s porn and cheesy animation that makes for good-time viewing whether your into power pop or Shoreditch chic tunes.

If you like the video too, make sure to check out the Del & Xavier mixtape too which is available for FREE DOWNLOAD. There are some great tracks on their as EQ blogger Stevie will tell you all about…but for right now, get ready for some serious jelly…