It had been predicted by the lions share of music types that La Roux’s choice of sophomore single from the much awaited album “Trouble In Paradise” would mostly likely be the synth-erotic stained “Sexotheque”, although I had word a few weeks ago from the powers that be that the favoured follow-up track of choice would go to my own personal favourite from the album, the quirkier Tom Tom Club nostalgic “Kiss And Not Tell”.

Confirmation from the artist herself has appeared up online during recent days, prepping the video release which has now arrived in all its retro glory, it takes on the format inspired of TV advertising for adult themed chat-line’s.

Fans of all things kitsch and vintage there’s a whiff of Bakelite in the air, prepare to get your rocks off in viewing the “Kiss And Not Tell” video’s collection of yesteryears telephones & TV sets.