I am so glad I carried out a deep clean of my inbox, as this one nearly got away from me. I hadn’t previously heard about the Nashville-based artist/songwriter Lexi Aviles project Love You Later, before. The latest track from her, “keepintouch” is a gleaming indie-pop gem, that I should I have missed. I would have kicked myself hard about, had I overlooked the track altogether.

keepintouch” surprised me when I first listened to it. I did not expect what I heard. The track instantly brings to mind a music styling reminiscent of MUNA. Once this musical comparison popped into my head, I couldn’t find a way to un-think it. It wasn’t only the music that made me feel this way. The vocal also shimmers with a noticeable MUNA like, likeness.

Quite a lot of people have found Love You Later, before me. To the 23-year-old artist’s credit. She has already opened up for One Republic and caught the attention of tastemakers like MTV.

As far as, the songwriting is concerned. Love You Later really climbs into her feelings.

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Speaking on Instagram, she shares…

“I wrote this song with Bre Kennedy and Kyle Dreaden during a really confusing, isolating time where I had to learn to be alone again in order to truly feel content and connected with myself, my emotions, my reality, the world and everyone in it. It was a tough pill to swallow, but I wouldn’t change a thing.”

The Chase Denton directed music video interprets themes of isolation and disconnection by using a star-studded backdrop. One that hints at otherworldliness in its appearance. Meanwhile, back on planet earth. The singer-songwriter captures these feelings by sliding her head into a glass bowl helmet, resembling a giant-sized bubble.

Every once in a while, a song comes along I simply cannot get enough of. Today that song is “keepintouch” by Love You Later.

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