Photo: Ditte Capion

Karma Town” has come to life.

Stine Bramsen’s sunny electro-pop infectious ditty of all but a little over a week old, that is!

By our reckoning “Karma Townleft an impression which seemed to conjure up “a place that might be chocka bursting with pure pop abandon as this cute breezy lil tune itself

Lucky for us, our travel hostess with the mostess Stine takes us on a virtual visit in pop music video time, to check out the lie of the land and its inhabitating locals for ourselves.

We get the feeling a little, that Stine has transported herself into a story book. As if you didn’t know already, “Karma Town” is infact two stops down from Toy Town, take a left at Nursery Corner and a right at the fork signed posted the Emerald City of OZ.

All the same, I rather like the use of the kitsch cardboard facaded props, to the point that if I paid an actual visit and someone crossed me on the wrong path, you know what …….. I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow their house down.