God bless Chromeo, as you can always rely upon Dave 1 and P-Thugg to set about a caper spliced with humour when it comes to the visual content that accompanies their funky surging diddies.

Being that I have previously delivered a review on the bass slapping enormity of “Jealous”, let’s now garnish a few words upon the zany Funklordz video also.

Chromeo take us to the chapel of love. Well not quite, more to be precise, “The Funklordz Wedding Chapel”, so yep it’s not remotely in any way straightly narrow of mind as the brief upon it illuminates: “Imagine a non denominational church where couples can get married no matter their age and sexual preference(s)

This wedding chapel is outlandishly in the realm of musical spectacle, Dave 1 is cast as the jealous priest who presides over the occasion of betrothals haloed by a neon signed back drop whilst conducting service from an altar decked of synths. Whilst, all the time from behind those shades of his, he’s really giving the happy couples the eye and finishes up by turning a bit wayward with it.

Dave 1, you may be a wayward priest but we forgive you of your sins, since this track is quite my favourite, awesomely brewed summer JAM already!