I didn’t know anything about Lennon Stella’s actress past, as I am not what you would call an avid fan of, American TV shows. This might go some way in explaining why I didn’t take notice of her when she first struck out as guest vocalist on the Jonas Blue and Liam Payne collaboration “Polaroid” as much as everyone else seemed to be doing. The Canadian multi-talent has done everything within her power to earn her spot on the pop music landscape over the past two years, though. Jumping on the collaboration with The Chainsmokers, and Illenium, clocking up a viral streaming sensation, with the track “Take Away.” That, carving out her solo music career has been going swimmingly. Debut album, “Three. Two. One.” arrives April 23rd, and she hasn’t been averse to sharing taster tracks from it. As it is more than likely that “Kissing Other People,” “Golf on TV” and “Jealous” will feature.

The songstresses velvet-smooth voice is distinctive but traverses the same lane as Ellie Goulding’s smokey vocal hues. It’s a popular and appreciated flavour within the realm of pop, proven to work and keeps on working. “Jealous” is an evocatively leaning pop song, with well-heeled lyrics and top draw production. With all that has gone into the making of the track,” it should be nothing less than stellar. The track has, co-write features from Erin McCarley, Finneas O’Connell (pops up again,) Justin Gammella and Ruslan Odnoralov. Production is overseen by Lorde’s collaborator, Joel Little.

For the accompanying music video, Lennon invites us into her world. In fact, the footage is pretty much in the vein of an info-documentary, a day in the life of Lennon Stella. The opening lines of the track tell us otherwise. Whoever she is singing about, seems to think she isn’t truly over them and believes she’s doing things purely to provoke them. Stella lets them know, this girl isn’t into being shady like that. She just is, getting on with her own life.

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