As a result of breaking away from major labels. I recently discovered that New York multi-hyphenate Morgan Saint is currently releasing her latest music independently. The move is not a shock because of the amount of creativity she pours into her work. Morgan’s skillset draws from multiple areas, a multi-instrumentalist, singing, songwriting, producing, designer and director. She is the epitome of a self-made artist. Days ago I was alerted to Morgan’s track “It Hurts To Be Human.” An alternative pop & synth-pop work which is sending Morgan’s music on a new trajectory.

I’m excited to share more about this amazing project that Morgan and her wife, Carley Ridersleeve, have been working on. As creative artists, they have brought to life the entire vision for this newly independent chapter. From engineering and producing the music to styling the looks and directing, shooting, editing, and even colouring the music videos. It’s inspiring to see such a collaborative and multi-talented team bringing their artistic vision to the world.

“This is two girls doing everything ourselves,” Morgan announces. “That’s a huge part of the story. Being a female producer and all-around creative, I’ve seen how gender can be a struggle in this industry. I’d love to have a small part in encouraging a space for more women to be artists, producers, and writers.” She adds.

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I don’t think I need to explain how “It Hurts To Be Human” is such a raw and vulnerable song that perfectly captures the pain of heartbreak. Morgan Saint’s lyrics are so honest and authentic, and it’s clear that she’s been through the ups and downs of relationships herself. Even when you try your best to move on, there’s always a lingering pain that you have to face. It’s tough, but it’s a part of being human. This is what she wants to share in this song.

The video depicts how Morgan finds solace and a sense of release as she lets her emotions out by shooting hoops on the basketball court. With each shot, she feels as though she is shedding her pain and frustration, and instead embracing a sense of renewal and rebirth. Although we do not see the ball swish through the net, we are guided to imagine Morgan feels a weight lifted off her shoulders, and a newfound sense of clarity and peace wash over her.

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