We’ve previously engaged interest in the hypnotically beguiling, sonic electronica of emerging Manchester pop outfit MDNGHT, not least specifically “Into The Night” which came to our attention as he band stirred up their first wave of creative buzz a couple of years ago.

The instant outpouring of interest secured a good level of potential for the group and since whilst, building up their presence in the live performance settings, Jordan, Anthony and Will have actively been working on further material which will form as their debut album.

In re-visiting “Into The Night” the track has been given an extra sheen of spit and polish in the form of a re-working by Steve Osbourne. Which thus, evokes an unparalleled ambience of chilled-house nocturnal dreaminess.

To go with the re-issue, a new video concept has also been acted upon. It might seem somewhat a slow burner, but you must watch the story unfold and stay with it to the end. That’s all I’m saying.

Loving this track as much, if not more than we did first time around.

The calibre of MDNGHT is so strong. Hopeful that there might be much more to follow on with from now onwards. As surely, If there is any up-and-coming new act out there that could snatch the crown as the tastemakers choice to succeed from this years winners Years & Years, I’m strongly throwing my hat in the ring and suggest MDNGHT surely must be a top contender for consideration!