The Snoopy Lads

It’s not so often that we delve into the EQ Music archives and pick up on a music project which began all of 5 years ago but in achieving a full perspective of clarity, this is the action we must now find ourselves dutifully undertaking, if we are to be immersed in the full sense of the artistic interpretation of The Snoopy Lads track “Into The Limelight”.

On the rewind back through a pop rabbit-hole we land at the feet of The Snoopy LadsTriptych I-III” collective EP releases where we indulged our cultural arts fancy of innovative electronica and visual film art together on the duo’s splendid “Interrupted” package.

As we saw it back then, a treasure trove of magical music discovery, only along the way The Snoopy Lads had got side-tracked via their involvement with many other projects, so much so that they never quite got to finishing up the “Triptych” series as originally planned.

Thus it is now that Hendryk Ekdahl and Sebastian Pagel reach back into their creative spiritual heart to give closure to the “Triptych” era by issuing an aesthetically stimulating appendix culminating in the conceptual artwork of Martin Börner’s mind expanding visual treatment which goes alongside The Snoopy Lads poignantly earnest “Triptych” finale “Into The Limelight”.

What more can we add to all this contemporary music and art splendour, blinding magnificently before our eyes? Well I still don’t think we’re any nearer to finding out exactly the answer to the age old question of how many men does it take to change a lightbulb! Although, quite is the luminescence of this conceptual fx video we might easily assume it is brought beaming down powered by the source of Snoopy lad kilowatts.