This really warmed my heart. Max and Harvey, the talented twin siblings. Runners up on X Factor Celebrity and also stars in their own CBBC TV show “FOMO.” Have just released the follow up to the 2020 anthem “Worry A Little Less.” They are back with the poignant and personal offering “In My DNA.” A touching and powerful tribute to their grandfather, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

It is obvious, this track is special, and one the boys hold dear. It is also very noticeable they have worked really hard on this emotive piece, documenting their feelings by telling their Grandfathers story. Their opening up a discussion about this cruel progressive condition, using their talents in this way is equally moving and fitting. Since music and singing are also known to provide therapy and enrich the lives of those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In the instance of both Max and Harvey wanting to share such a personal track about a sensitive subject like this, is commendable. The track is so well-written but will also hit hard on those of us who have encountered at first hand the devasting effects it inflicts upon our loved ones.

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“This song means more to us than anything we’ve ever put out into the world,” says Max and Harvey. “We wanted to tell our Granpop’s story and talk about his life and it took us a long time to work out the perfect way to do that. Whilst writing the song we also had in the back of our minds, the sad fact that our Grandma had been diagnosed with cancer. Sadly she recently passed away. With the current global situation, we wanted to let everyone else hurting from loss or not being able to be with their grandparents know that they’re not alone.”

Anyone who thought Max and Harvey was about jaunty little pop songs have suddenly been woken up to the fact, they do endearing, tender-hearted songwriting brilliantly. And this music video, emotional and heart-warming. The genuine story, had me tear up a little. “In My DNA” will mean a lot, to a lot of people. But to their family, the twins are fine and upstanding, exemplary and caring grandsons. And now everyone else will see that too.

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