Kamaliya 1

Foxy Ukrainian pop vixen Kamaliya lavished upon us a feast of her sassy dance pop anthems over the past year, especially so when she brought them to the heart of the UK through tour support to the reformed collective dance popsters Steps.

Joining her euro massive hits “Arrhythmia”, “Rising Up”, “Crazy In My Heart” and “ButterfliesKamaliya unleashes the buoyantly techno dance glazed “I’m Alive”.

Although this is a euro pop turn that is spun with a cultural twist in that it grandiosely slots in a sample of the “Flower Duet” from Puccinis Madame Butterfly.

True to form “I’m Alive” feeds on the foot stomping dance energy of it’s predecessors and of course like it’s forerunners is subject of an epically blockbuster production in video filmmaking.

Bring on the fast cars, the horses, exuberant choreography, perky pecs, gyrating hips, and an accidental bump to the head that makes it all happen.

Only in Kamaliya can we be assured that this kind of extravagantly storyboarded spectacle will be continuously lavished onto our screens it seems.