You know, I am so ready for MDNGHT to become a much bigger concern!

The Manchester electronic pop outfit initally began circulating their chilled-house pressings online a couple of years ago. In a time prior to the most extensive publicity being invested in the then, likewise relative newcomers Years & Years.

We all know how the Years & Years journey has so successfully panned out, but now is the time that MDNGHT should really be thought of under similar consideration.

The ball has already started to roll in MDNGHT’s favour. They got themselves on board an ace producer in Steve Osborne (New Order, Peter Gabriel, Placebo and Depeche Mode) to pour his creativity into the studio mix of their upcoming debut album, and recently served the first introduction with a re-issue and re-calibrated edition of initial buzz track “Into The Night”.

Extending the build-up into the full gear change and promotional campaign proper, Jordan, Anthony and Will again with assistance from Steve Osborne re-visit another track, this time “I Will Lead You On” which originally helped to put the trio on the music map.

Whilst the differences in the new mix were subtlety executed on previous release “Into The Night”, there is a very definite departure in sound resonating from “I Will Lead You On” this second time around. Notably, the overall tonality is shades brighter than before, brought about by the inclusion of an evermore tropically enhanced timbre of rhythmic melody that equates to uplifting the complete character of the track.

This very fine re-issue now comes visually served with a wistfully perceived video focusing on the lads but namely, vocalist Jordan cooing out the vox like audio honey. All golden and fluid and burnished in a soulful sweetness as he perfects upon his popstar smoulder look.

By the looks of it though, J boy, has got it nailed already!

On the strength of both these releases, MDNGHT have duly earned the coveted spot as the first album marked up on my wishlist for 2016.