Muri 2

Former Norwegian Idol runner up contestant Bjørn Johan Muri breaks his pop hiatus and brings us his first track in a while “I Was Somewhere” – and quite honestly, it is something of a listen!

I shall inform you readers, that what I’ve come to rely upon as my instinctive intuition of being able to pluck prime pop from the EQ inbox has thrown me a curveball of such, that no matter how my little inner critic voice is exclaiming “this vocal is absurdly strange”, it’s so damn curiously addictive that I’ve been looped in a play cycle of it for the past half an hour. Anyway, I’ve taken to consoling myself in assuming that this is probably because it’s engineered with the Scandinavian effect.

So Muri, throws us yodels and spins us a weird bluesy vocal that at times sounds as if it’s been lifted from a nursery class. Yet “I Was Somewhere” has been aligned with a highly addictive soundtrack.

I don’t mean to be unfair but this is kindergarten pop at it’s most hypnotic. I would send a plea up to the Music Gods to save me it’s from it’s silliness, but there’s no point as I’m under and freaking loved up its quirky pop powers – Oh so very damn it!

Consider yourselves warned!