It’s interesting how YouTube’s algorithm works sometimes. I keep seeing this music video for a new song called “I Missed You Too” by Gioli & Assia. I have to admit, the more I watch it, the more it keeps getting better. It’s definitely in line with my personal music preferences, from the musicality to the styling and performance. I guess the algorithm really does know what it’s doing!

To tell the truth, It’s somewhat baffling to me that I haven’t heard of the Italian multi-hyphenates, Gioli & Assia, before. Especially when they’ve amassed millions of streams, released on Ultra Records, and played numerous sold-out shows. Noticeably I seem to have missed out on some incredible music. It’s time to check them out and see for myself why they’re taking the world by storm.

In the first instance. I noticed “I Missed You Too” is a standout track that showcases the signature style of the talented duo. Moreover, their fusion of dance and alternative sounds is both fresh and captivating. And it’s particularly exciting to see them unleash their music on their own label, Diesis, as the third single from their upcoming project, “Resurrection“. Without a doubt this duo is clearly on their way to further greatness.

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Their song captures the raw emotions that come with separation from those we love – friends, family, and lovers alike. The sense of longing that ensues is palpable, and the track is fashioned in a questioning style that encourages open communication. It’s a powerful reminder that vulnerability is often the key to deeper connections and understanding. By putting our vulnerabilities on the table, we can create a safe space for open conversation and a stronger bond with those we cherish.

Gioli & Assia’s artistic vision is truly inspiring. Whats more, they have managed to create not only a captivating song but also a music video that perfectly captures the theme of connection. Their ability to express such a meaningful message through their art is evidence of their talent and creativity. It’s wonderful to see artists who use their platform to promote positive messages and bring people together.

I’m thrilled to have stumbled upon Gioli & Assia, and I’m confident that they will continue to make waves in the music industry. Gioli & Assia are definitely worth keeping an eye on. Check back for more updates soon.

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