This summer I spent a few days away exploring the Benelux taking in the sights of The Netherlands and Belgium mostly. Whilst over there I didn’t really immerse myself into the goings on in either countries current pop culture trends, but I did come across one large media outlet that had on it’s shelves the biggest selection of vinyl recordings that I haven’t seen the like of since I was knee high to a grass-hopper.

Out with the nostalgia and on with the business of new music and aspiring new artists!

Well it may have eluded me when I went travelling this summer but it has caught up with me on my return, since awaiting in my inbox came this tip on an advancing new boy band from Belgium named Boycode. What were the chances of that happening other than slim! Ask me to name another Belgian boy band, I simply cannot name one! All I know of the Belgian music scene right of now is Stromae.

So yes, Belgium has infact a fledging boy band in their mists. Boycode exist as the result of management agency EMT International opening up auditions to form a boy band that could be Belgium’s answer to One Direction (a tall order for any manufactured band!).

Looking in on the video to Boycode’s latest pop boosted release “I Got My Mind Set On You” it appears that the handsome four are already winning in securing an adoring army of fans / supporters, as sure as eggs the looks do help and they do manage to hold a tune together rather pleasantly good as well, which all goes a long way when you’re a boy band. I don’t see that were in the league of One Direction but it’s all for the positive in a toe-tapping and ear candy bubble of infectious pop vision.

Besides the video is overall theme park fun times plus super-cuteness x 4.

Press play and drink up the happy vibes of Boycode!