British indie synth outfit Deluka, have upped sticks and relocated from these shores to have a bit of a change in the scene and enjoy the high-living life out in L.A. by way of a stop off in New York along the way.

With this whole new found era upon them, the mighty new-wave penetrative sound has been boosted in stereophonic production, now lifting the bar in its indie energised outlook, Deluka head up the incoming release of the “Bonds” EP by first showing out the EP’s debut single “Home”.

We might find it a touch wry that the band who seemingly indulge in a spot of wanderlust, might call this track “Home” in the first place, but you know home as I see it, is wherever your bed for the night is.

Deluka’s back to basics on the studio captured video whilst, the synth vision of “Home” is bold, uplifting and electro pop rocking fabulous! and invokes a touch-down of electro glam hypnotic riffs that are neon hot and super-size in stature.

Being that this is a new cut forward in sound for Deluka they are giving out “Home” for FREE DOWNLOAD.