Alina Artts

In Russia former glamour model Alina Artts is considered to be one of its biggest pop stars.

Aside from painting herself pretty, the Russian pop siren has also more recently been making her presence felt on the Billboard charts and is ready to expand beyond this by bringing her glitzy high octane EDM hit “High Enough” over to the UK.

In order to bring us UKers onside, Alina has busted the budget on a high end video production and even though she’s branching out into music it’s quite clear that Alina hasn’t altogether put the cover girl image fully to bed, which is quite a good thing as only a pro like Alina could squeeze into a teensy bustier whilst almost looking certain of falling out of it, yet without actually having said wardrobe malfunction!

For all the cover-girl gloss, the emphasis of this track and visual are directed towards its mass appealing, globally appreciative fun and flirty vibe. In keeping of this Alina practically outshines her shiny corset as moon babe barbarella, but it all works in “High Enough’s” fizzing context of Kylie meets Alcazar meets sick EDM drop.