London Grammar

Standing out amongst the truly stunning, swopping melodies and loftily luscious vocals, the sublimely haunting presence of “Hey Now” descends to be Brit NomineesLondon Grammar’s next release from “If You Wait”.

Rather like the music itself, my engagement with all things London Grammar began on a slow-burn, it really wasn’t until this particular track of “Hey Now” came to my notice when the album campaign swung into action that I fully pricked up my ears and readily filled them up with the organically graceful and languidly tranquil soundscapes of the band.

On “Hey Now” especially, Hannah’s vocals transcend with the arresting full glow of a spellbinding aura which is nothing but otherworldly immaculate.

So how nice then to set the captivating soundtrack to a stop-motion video clip of moonlit woodland, jewelled by darting visual FX fireflies and cob-webby strung laser beams of light. It all plays along really lovely, that is, until a puzzling levitating; dancing wig enters the picture, whereupon I had to remind myself that this was a London Grammar video and not the off-kilter, bizarre arty strangeness of a Bjork or Iamamiwhoami production!

The video although, fitting might not be one to stand out in the memory, albeit for the curious wig inclusion, (most probably why it was surreally included in the first place) but the vocals surely will!