By far, one of the most unwavering synth-pop album releases of year falls to St. Lucia’sMatter”. An album which showcases a sinuous stream of effervescent melodies and solid musicianship throughout.

When it arrived at the beginning of the year, it quite felt like a belated Christmas parcel had dropped into our possession. As the consummate sophomore effort from the band, came completely decorated with a glittering array of pop gems which one by one took the listener on a journey of rich pickings of brightly defined electronic pop.

Touring duties have ensued of course, and you just know from listening to the contents of “Matter” that it has at its disposal the fundamental elements needed to put on a pop party of roof raising proportions.

There are so many potential single choices from this album, that it’s not so crazy to say, everyone single one of them could be considered the next single option.

The track that has been selected as single release No 3 though, goes to energetically unbridled, pop perky number “Help Me Run Away”.

In-keeping with the theme of quirky natured, supported music videos. St. Lucia again, do not disappoint with the whimsically creative treatment which is lauded on “Help Me Run Away”.

Being quite literal to the spirit of the song, and with little help of product placement by way of Partnership with sneaker footwear giants Converse. The starring role has been cast to a pair of Converse high tops which take flight on a life of their own in search their lost love, a pair of red high heeled stilettos!

So many humorous touches done well in here, not least when one of the sneakers answers the call of nature out on the street, being a favourite.

In the name of continuity though, I just have one little point of observation to make. How did these Converse stay so white when they’d been through so much? Cuz I only have to walk across town in my own pair and I’ve a few dirty marks appear.

What’s the secret here I’d really like to know!

High end synth-pop x endearing video = a full giving measure of pure pop pleasure.