Scarlet Pleasure

Emil, Alexander and Joachim of Danish pop trio Scarlet Pleasure have reigned in their quirkier pop sound, whilst, all at once becoming creditable boy band material to be reckoned with.

We sense that in their previous efforts Scarlet Pleasure have been in a way finding their feet, as new single “Heat” has now arrived it feels as though it’s all come together and they’ve found their niche amongst a dance funky groove.

Not that we didn’t receive a hit of R’n’B inclination on previous singles from the former underground club scene act, “Heat” is a definite progression for the better and a more suited one all told, might we say for the trio.

Hey up, now their into it, Scarlet Pleasure are taking this whole boy band malarkey to the letter by taking it forward and back some in emulating the style attributed of 90’s boybands like *NSYNC, NKOTB, et al,

Just check out the video for some touchy feely hot dance action, totally necessary massively gyrating hips and bold as you like crotch grabs.

Yep, we knew that would get you pressing play, you dirty minds!