DJ, producer and artist all-in-one Alex Metric’s latest release featuring the vocals of Sound Of Arrows front-man Stefan Storm is one that slo-burns its way through a fairly unimpressionable verse to arrive slap bang into the heart of a rousing refrain of a sing-a-long chorus.

The substance of this song is fair greater than the song itself, which is in everyway pleasant and just alluded of the wow factor. My wow factor came in finding Stefan as the vocalist, but the dance track itself, blends in a generic whirr of dance beats that have been used over and are now seen to be over-used and a tad teetering on the safe side of things, but know doubt there’ll be a fierce-some remix package in place to take the track to dizzier heights.

However, the video treatment which is in place to promote “Heart Weighs A Ton”, is one that just cannot be ignored, since it brings to light an emotionally endearing story featuring a guy called Glenn, who sadly lost the love of his life a few years back and sought comfort since in taking steps in realising a dream to be a performer / dancer all a 60 years young.

All-in-all, it’s a well beautiful story that has the capacity to lift even the heaviest of hearts!