James Wolf 1

Emerging out of the ashes of Irish electro-pop band Bitches With Wolves the lavishly fashionable presence of James Wolf precedes the cut of pop savvy artistry that was first brought to our attention via the bass heavy dynamics of powerhouse debut “No Danger”.

As previously referenced in our initial Emerging Artist feature of last year, as a club promoter and DJ in his own right, James had procured sessions with some of the industries best producers in Tom Neville, Roy Kerr, Mike Delinquent an additionally on the writing side had the weight of Jake Shears and The Nexus at hand.

Resulting from those sessions comes the follow-up Tom Neville produced single “Heart And Soul”.

With a mid-tempo dance beat behind it, “Heart And Soul” takes in a dreamily chilled nu-disco vibe which is further funked up with a shimmer of cosmically gleaming DNA.

Proportionately, and perfectly blissed out in both vocals and synth love “Heart And Soul” makes for an intoxicating rhapsody of disco biscuit hazy euphoria, played upon within the video’s psychedelically leaning content.