Brooke Candy

Before this, outlandishly bodacious pop starlet Brooke Candy didn’t score favour with me. I just saw nothing but a persona which was fed with brattish attitude and a try-too-hard manner. All too off-putting, but suited within the hip-hop circles the Cali-gurl started off in.

Oh how a bit of refinement has overturned my perception on this!

Creativity is an ever evolving process though, and for some artists more than others bold, defiance is the driving force behind all development. A category that best befits transmorphing Brooke Candy.

Through her pop journey Brooke has commendably approached everything she has ever done, head-on and with a fighting resilience. It may not have necessarily floated my boat nonetheless, I admire her tenacity in always pushing forward with experimentation.

From in-your-face, self-assured rapping to traversing diversified out-of-the-ball-park pop, no-one can accuse Brooke going at anything half-heartedly. Yet there comes a point in all this fiercely intense attention seeking when the ultimate shock tactic is to put out something so in opposition to your known music character that by default it becomes the very epitome of what you seek to achieve.

This I believe, is exactly what Brooke Candy is delivering here in new Talay Riley co-penned “Happy Days”.

Discussing transformations, physical. Emotional. Spiritual, it is what we design our lives around. Seeking fulfilment, enlightenment and happiness as our end goal. How we learn. How we grow. Is all equally applicable to the artistry of a creative environment of a singer / performer and such like.

Brooke has prescribed herself some electronic pop therapy and it is raining down our gullets like a flute of fine champagne. I’m sure “Happy Days” won’t be without its critics exclaiming that she’s in some way sold-out on her authenticity. What I say to the nay-sayers is this, check out the video. Is this not of an artist who is comfortable in the skin she’s in to be able to explore new territories.

As such, I at least have a new found respect for Brooke Candy. She’s a pop chameleon. Karma. Karma.