New Music Friday is both a blessing and a curse for new music releases. On the up-side, everyone knows with a designated day when the music is out but, on the down-side, heaps of good tracks don’t receive the attention they are deserving of because they are weighed down by big label signees attempting to secure a chart or top of playlist position. It’s the same with music blogging, most of us are sent track previews of new releases at the beginning of the week, and are then posed the question will you write about this on Friday? You don’t have to have much of a logical brain to figure out this scenario just does not bode well for DIY artists, independent labels and new music reviewers like myself.

Case in point. On Friday I was sent an email about a mystery pop duo who go by the name of Thunder Jackson who was self-releasing their debut song “Guilty Party“. There is no, big budget but the music has a real air of intrigue, the song has an addictive melody and doesn’t sound anything like the styles of music anyone else is going with right now. That’s not to say the duo haven’t taken a slice of inspiration from previous pop forerunners. In the curious mix that is “Guilty Party“, the result is like a mashup of OMD brought together with The Sugarhill Gang which the ingenious minds behind Thunder Jackson have inextricably stitched into a potential sleeper hit.

As crazy as it sounds on paper the song is good. I can see it hasn’t received a fair amount of the play it deserves as yet, (putting this down to two things, New Music Friday and Thanksgiving.) Nonetheless, this quirky offering from Thunder Jackson is a welcome bolt out of the blue and gives a glimpse of promise as we move into 2018, that hopefully more new artists will be bold enough to pursue something new rather than follow in the steps of what is current and regarded trendy. To go with this mesmerising nu-retro masterpiece a video montage of circa 80’s, styled filmed clips.

Connect with Thunder Jackson
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thethunderjackson
Twitter: @thunderjacks0n
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whoisthunderjackson/