I Am Fancy

Seeing that I have half an inbox full of mails on this one, “Goodbye” by Who Is Fancy? is fast becoming the track that I cannot ignore, any more!

Practically becoming an overnight hit in the US when it made its initial outing straight to radio, “Goodbye” is a sweetly focused, soft-centred, introspective pop song, weighed with lilting melody refrains and soul-grasping vocals.

It is also sweet and endearing and has since had the Americans actively seeking to figure out the identity of the mystery artist behind the Who Is Fancy? moniker.

Whoever Fancy is, Scooter Braun, with Scott Borchetta of Big Machine Records and Republic Records are all hopeful of big things from this act, as these three kings of the music industry are all reppin the singer / songwriter.

Week by week the mystery has been intensifying a touch, with the latest development in keeping the identity under wraps being overseen by the releasing of 3 official videos each with a different person cast as the lead. I am of the opinion though, that this move is a further smokescreen and actually none of these 3 peoples will turn out to be the real Who Is “Fancy”?

Below is my intuitive choice from the three option’s given, and the one I feel suits best overall. To cast your own eyes over the other alternatives, they are HERE and HERE.

Lastly I don’t think that “Goodbye” is going to disappear anytime soon, so as I see it, we have some options too. Either we gets involved and start some guesswork of our own or sit back and bide out time until the real outing of Fancy is established by the marketing team. What will be interesting is how long they will keep this act of secrecy going.