Gold Artwork_3_RGB

There’s no-one so capable of cutting through the monotony of mainstream pop than alt-pop auteur Femme. The forward thinking visionaire readily commands hyper-cool status for her stylishly avant-garde pop efforts which amount to a profile spawned of quirky beats served with DIY aesthetic visuals.

Femme’s maverick exterior comes fully loaded with artistic identity, namely that the candy haired one injects her out-of-the-ball park attitude with aplomb into everything she sets her sights upon.

The whole package of self produced principles shine through on a Femme release and this continues to be true of newest cut “Gold”.

The edgy dance-pop release is fuelled with retro glamour brought out of an ABBA video best served with a tongue-in-cheek side-order of girl group nostalgia, of The Supremes like variety of yesteryear.

This goes all ways off-centre in assisting the backbone of song content influenced in Femme’s own words as being:- “blinded by someone’s immaculate golden veneer to the point of not realising you may not be in love at all.

Femme’s eccentric sense of fun breaks out much alike the archetypal hairbrush diva in her bedroom pop arena on this one and it’s kinda like it’s in a bubble of Saturday night, light entertainment TV gold all the same.