I am quite up for it when a band flips their sound around, not least when going forward embraced in an electronic direction, of course!

For Chicago outfit Masses, known in a brief previous life as Mighty Fox, these are bone fide circumstances which are now realised into fruition.

Building upon the indie-rock presence they initially started out with, now as Masses, the inclusion of a topline of synths thrown into the equation has changed up the band identity with a propulsive sought edginess brought of a streamlined electro-rock outlook.

The first release under their new name goes by the title “Going Under”, a title of such depth kinda feels like it’ll bode heavy much, doesn’t it to the listening ear? Ah well, in undergoing their re-invention Masses have softened around the edges a touch as they’ve come back with a siren song detailing an ode to love.

Powered up and trailblazing a neo-post punk presence of new-wave served splendour Masses, are feeding our appetite for epic killer cuts of jagged electronica alright.

With this one pummeling electro rock noir behemoth slapping at our audio senses and our eye-line drawn insitu to a visual instigated largely of symbolic imagery. To which hazarding a guess as to what it all means is anybody’s guess to fathom. What I do feel clear in noting of the visual experience, however, is that it reaches me under the distinct impression that front man Mike Jansen does a good doppelganger of Thom Yorke pensiveness into the bargain.

Masses, are breaking new waves by the power of oomffph and it’s got my veins a throbbing with the verbs of a promising new electro-rock bloodline.