Have I told you my Robbie Williams story yet? Well here goes…

My first official day in London was in July of 2000. My company had rented me and my colleague a flat in Notting Hill and when we got off the plane, we decided together that we’d help each other unpack and go out for dinner that night to explore our fabulous new hood. We unpacked and then on the way to dinner, I noticed this HOT guy approaching in a black vest and I thought wow – who is that?

Turns out it was Robbie Williams!

Well, being American and not having yet learnt the art of remaining calm around celebrities, I automatically flipped out because I was a huge Take That fan in my youth and couldn’t quite control myself when being in that close proximity to Robbie and his supreme sexy cool. He passed us and gave me the cheekiest smile with those million dollar eyes. As he passed and I was like “OMG, OMG, OMG – that was Robbie Williams!” and of course my colleague had no clue who he was.

It was from that point on that I knew I was destined to live in London if my very first day was just like that…

Robbie Williams is a huge reason why I chose to settle in London – it was my omen that I had found my spiritual home.

Oh, yes, to get back on topic, here’s Robbie’s new video for “Go Gentle”.

It’s from the album “Swings Both Ways” (uh-huh) which comes out November 11th.