So soon, after pulling in a captivating performance which we witnessed at this year’s SXSW, here we singing the praises of Sykes once again. Who have just put a video out to their sparky, dance track “Glimmer”.

The track which comes off the “Younger Mind” EP, has also just been given the full remix treatment. It will be no such surprise for you to learn that Draper is among the chosen few, who has embellished the tune with some extra twiddly bits and pizzazz.

The new video clip to go alongside the up-tempo, driven dance-stomper taps into that energy and vibrancy which came through to us when catching Sykes SXSW showcase at ScratcHouse. As well as giving us a further taste of Sykes live and unleashed on stage, the trio heap on an added sense of momentum by inter-cutting the live action with scenes of the band taking in the thrilling atmosphere in among the giddy whir of light bejewelled attractions at a fairground/ amusement park.

It’s all fast-paced and happening and seals the euphoric mood to the max of encapsulating the lively and rousing spontaneity, of which festival anthems are fundamentally about.