Want to go on a date with Nathan Sykes? Need I even ask?!

The whir of fan fueled fantasies going into overdrive is coming over loud and clear from you lot, so yeah bag yourself a spot in the queue.

No, but seriously now! For all intent and purposes Nathan’s fresh new video effort in support of current single “Give It Up” is effectively all of what is involved in going on a date with Mr Handsome himself.

Wait up a minute!! Here’s the part where we have to curb our enthusiasm a touch! There is a little snag in this all too good to be true scenario, whilst, we are all on a hot-date with Nathan he’s actually locking lips, getting touchy feely and downright dirty in front of our very eyes with another. Talk about that among yourselves! And we’ll wait on a fan fic to hit the web.

Anyways, Nathan has cast his inhibitions aside and this steamier than steamy video romp has only been slapped with a TV censor. Thus increasing its impact of going online viral no doubt!

OK we’re clearly being made to talk about the video first off, but we really should say a little of the song too.

Much alike to its predecessors in “Kiss Me Quick” and “Over and Over Again”, “Give It Up” shows out Nathan’s soul stylized vocals to their fullest, with the melody itself jamming of funky vibes and a yes that is a sample of Blackstreet’s “Don’t Leave Me” weaving its way in there too. Also getting themselves in on the action is that American rapper guy G-Eazy, who is everywhere like a rash right now, and who everyone wants to be seen with! Yep we get it, he’s the new hype.

To be perfectly honest, all of that will probably fade from your memory once you’ve caught sight of Nathan naked as the day he was born taking a shower.


Something tells me that you will!