Already considered an accomplished actress, Hayley Kiyoko’s breakthrough into the world of pop is really proving to be equally on par to be successful. Since, being alerted to the new popstar beginnings we have cast our watchful eye over Hayley’s transition into the medium of pop music and in return the starlet has given out a truly magical feast of esoterical melodies and big pop hooks in equal measure throughout Hayley’s debut EP “This Side Of Paradise”.

If it wasn’t enough that Hayley is currently filming the highly anticipated “Jem And The Holograms” movie also starring Juliette Lewis and Molly Ringwald which is slated for release later this year. Hayley has also sought assistance from within her “Jem and The Holograms“ acting circle by casting Stefanie Scott into a key role character for the video which accompanies her new single release “Girls Like Girls” and also further stars Teen Wolf actress Kelsey Chow and model Hayden Thompson. Enabling Hayley to concentrate upon fully her newly emerging multi-media career by actively contributing to the song writing and video direction processes as well as launching herself as a principal singer.

On balance to previous Kiyoko releases “Girls Like Girls” is somewhat dainty in its approach with a slightly off-centre air of quirkiness leading directly from within its bubbling arrangement. What is most heartening about this particular release though is the subtly delivered backbone of LGBT motivational content that runs through the self-acceptance theme of the song and which carries through into the accompanying same love perspective visual.

Girls Like Girls” is majestical pop that can strike a chord on many levels, be it LGBT in substance or equally in reference to empowerment on all levels, as Hayley says of it: ‘Beyond the love story the video also has a theme of self-acceptance and standing firm for what we want and believe in. Whether you’re fighting yourself, your feelings, or the judgements of others; the despair, joy and relief felt when you’re true to yourself makes it all worth while.’

As is the underlying message within “Girls Like Girls” I quite love everything about this track and visual from the inside and shining out of it.