Eric Saade

We don’t normally have to be asked twice to look at an Eric Saade video do we!

But wait up a minute, before you speedily zoom down to press play, here’s especially an important warning to all NON-SWEDISH GURLIES in particular, because the drop dead gorgeous singer is about to crush millions of female hearts into teeny tiny pieces as Eric sings via his chirpy new single that a “Girl From Sweden” has a hold over his heart.

Collective “OH NO”!….and…*tears*

Reach for another tissue ladies, I’m afraid there’s worse to come gurlfriends!

Eric goes so far to turn the catchy chorus refrain into the context of a politely put brush-off which he’s using to notify further potential love interests of the female kind, he’s not attentive in our attempts at making advances towards him.

Here’s exactly how Eric is putting the re-buff out there: “I’ve been around the world a lot of girls wanna get down with me, but still I can’t wait to return to the one that’s meant for me. Spend a weekend in Paris already leaving, off to Miami high like a ceiling, high like a ceiling. Spend a weekend in Paris already leaving, off to Miami high from the feeling, I so high from the feeling, I’ve got a girl from Sweden”.

And with that I deeply know, the global sister hood has now completely been thrown into a inconsolable meltdown of sobbing sad faces, all choked up and spun into a gasping mass of hyperventilating femaleness.

After this revelation and whilst my female kin-ship now attempt to compose themselves, I take it upon myself to speak up on behalf of all my sisters. I feel that Eric has maybe shot himself in the foot here though, with regards to the success of this as a single choice, because no matter how boppy we find this song and chorus, there is absolutely NO WAY any girl outside of Sweden will be singing along to this FACT!!

Maybe we can take heart a little, there might infact, be a loophole that still allows us gurlies in with a chance with Eric, afterall, I don’t find he’s been specific enough in telling us that the girl in question is Swedish, only that she’s from Sweden, so theoretically we could just move over to live in Sweden right?!

This glint of hope might have we’ve cheered us up a little, so if we can now find it within ourselves to give this video a look in, we’ll see Eric with a noticeable spring in his step and singing this song out in the Swedish countryside with various lovely Swedish ladies types making an appearance.

Let’s leave this one like this! If all it’s going to take to be in with the remotest chance of a date with young Mr Saade, I can rock a blue and yellow dress with the best of them anytime, they are just my colours, as it happens!