Adam Lambert

So we’ve frustrated ourselves silly over the past week in trying to nail the spooky whistling that carries through Adam Lambert’s dance cross-over hit in the making “Ghost Town”, when Oh my gah! just now the neat and moodily directed Hype Williams video package makes an arrival.

In normal circumstances I might be one to scoff at receiving a dance heavy choreographed video but oh this, almost movie star treatment goes beyond the boundaries of contrived dance video thinking injecting some Hollywood monotone pizazz into its framework.

So much so that when Adam sings of believing in James Dean and of Elvis being dead it is felt for a brief second that their shadow spirits are in the room or rather in the visual mix together.

When what of course Hype Williams has been fortunate to capture is the theatrical flair of a showman and modern cultural pop icon in a most strikingly engaging and flattering fashion.

Goth disco time is a happening thing thanks to Adam, Hype Williams and Max Martin.