Do you remember those times when your favourite artist would announce a new music video? The premiere of a video would be such an event that you would wait into the wee hours of the morning to peer into the brain of each artist.  Now, not a lot of care is taking place in the development of the video. You wake up and it’s just another club scene video on YouTube. Don’t let those few careless acts let you down, because there is one artist out there who is taking great pride in his music and videos. So much care, that it even takes 20 years to develop fully. It’s true, Kid Kasio is at it again with his latest video ‘Full Moon Blue.’

We weren’t kidding, after digging into his belongings the Synth-Maestro Kid Kasio’s friend found an old VHS in his parent’s attic. Much to their surprise, it was an old homemade Kung Fu flick the two had made nearly 20 years ago! Kasio watched the video, then realized, this would be the best accompaniment for his latest single ‘Full Moon Blue’ stating:

“I thought the visuals would match the songs lyrical content. The song is about someone being hurt, and going back to the person that hurt them time and time again. While the song deals with it in a relationship sense, the video actually manifests that in a very physical way.”

Does it ever! Who would have ever thought that Kung Fu could translate into a song of heartbreak. Yet, when you look deeper into the film genre, sadness does heavily encompass a main storyline of romance.  That darker emotion is perfectly enhanced with the timing of the video being in the autumn. When it gets a little duller out, the sun goes away, things just tend to feel a little more emotional.  Then, there is the violence. Emotional abuse as described in the lyrics may never be seen, but within the soul you’ll feel as you’ve been beaten as bad as each one of these gents.

The best part of it all is that with the antiquated visual effects, you are treated to something that is purely Kid Kasio. With virtually everything that Kasio does, you’re thrown into a time machine. The appreciation of art that has come before him is always going to be prevalent.  Just don’t lose your lunch with this one… someone does lose a finger! (it’s just ketchup!)