If there is one thing to note concerning the eye-catching Veronika Vesper it would definitely be kick ass sassy! This was determined when we delved into her futuristically idiosyncratic world only a short time ago, as lady fierce took part in an interview with us here at EQ, introducing us to persona that lies behind the striking space age image.

In discussing Veronika’s buzz single “Fuck The Ego” we noted it as “a perfect mix of dark pop with the right amount of electronic taste in it”. It also showed itself to be acutely empowering in expressing that you can be assertive and driven but without being seen as laying out all your cards of attributes on the table in full view all the time to everyone, since it might turn out to be restrictive whilst, eating away at the fun side of life that we should all look to find a certain amount of in everything that we do.

We are through with the teasers and the lyric video as the cyber pop journey now begins proper with the unleashing of the first visual transmission from the Vesper star as the underground pop artist boldly goes forth and presents the futuristically underworld hybrid styled film clip to “Fuck The Ego”, a style that suits in compatibility to the dark cyber pop vibe of the track.

The way this video has been shot you could quite imagine a little green man sitting behind the camera as it rolls out like some kind of otherworldly big brother collecting CCTV footage on a London night out.

Nothing can detract from the fact that the visionary Vesper slays and conquers us earthlings with her alternative out looked, debut cyber pop mission.