I know the whole internet has already gone into a frenzy regarding Marina’s buzz track “Froot” and I have felt that I really wanted to reserve my thoughts on it, as while I am pleased as froot punches that this first glimpse into the new album takes an inroad into the formative sound of debut album “The Family Jewels”, I am more eager to hear of what will follow in it’s wake.

I can’t help but sit on the fence regarding this one, when my mind has been pondering overtime, ‘Is this just a rogue track that might not sound like anything else on the album?’ What I do know is “Froot” is the first in line of a 6 track ( 1 a month) slow release to the full release of the album due April 3rd 2015, and which I have to commend the marketing strategy of, since we don’t have to be Einstein to understand we’ll have half the album through a 6 month payment plan if we so desire, with the remainder of it probably proverbially ‘going for a song‘ in monetary terms. This is how fans are being to guided into putting their dollar back into the spiralling decline of album sales these days folks, over just streaming the whole thing on Spotify and not in anyway physically owning it!

Here’s the tantalising “Froot” Tracklisting anyway!

I’m A Ruin
Can’t Pin Me Down
Better Than That

Marina stans, look into Marina’s eyes she’s turning on the femme fatale charms to seduce the dollar out of us with her beauteous glamour puss ways.