Nicholetta 2It is my pleasure to report that Swedish songbird Nicholetta has unveiled a beautiful scenic video to accompany her empowering debut effort “Friend”.

On reflection as I reconnect with the track through my initial review, I’ve additionally become aware that actually the strength and character of this sweeping power ballad is very much leaning towards a Celine Dion style epic.

Again, Celine is possibly not my foremost favourite artist of choice by any stretch of the imagination. However, I am truly warmed to the message the lyrics send, along with the diamond dynamic performance that Nicholetta brings.

I really do think this could do well in Eurovision you know, and being of no doubt that the Swedish Melodifestivalen will be steeped in the usual rich pickings of premium pop ditties, a borrow by the UK of Nicholetta and “Friend” seem a viable option for a high end leader board placing than we have seen from the pop legend strategy that we have bombed with over the last couple of years.