florrie 2

Over recent years I have written about the rising pop sensation of Florrie Arnold, the former Xenomania in-house drummer turned singer/songwriter/model more times than, ……. well I have actually halted counting on it, but let’s just say it’s been quite extensive.

After a lengthy period away from the media spotlight through 2013, whereupon the young talent squirreled herself out unto a studio setting to concentrate working towards material for the debut album, the first stirrings of which are now beginning to filter out from Florrie HQ.

By the end of April we should have with us the “Sirens” EP, which has already been touched upon by the recent unveiling of the electro pop vs bhangra stylised first track “Seashells”. Now, to enlighten upon, whilst, I rather got into the whole intrinsically hypnotic groove going on through “Seashells”, I found myself becoming nothing but a little discontent with the development of lyrics that has gone on through the process of album writing in earnest, via this initial glimpse.

Make no bones about it, since it is that I DO really enjoy Florrie’s pop efforts, but it is the case in my opinion that right from the introductory beginnings each and every Florrie pop song, has gone on to consist mostly of one great engaging lyrical hook that is repetitiously involved in a triplicate vocal cycle throughout a track. OK so maybe this is Florrie’s signature pattern, yet I feel now might be the time to give us more, as I imagine that Florrie is more than capable of doing so.

In continuation of the Florrie readied pop formula, we are now given another look at the upcoming “Sirens” EP via the Xenomania styled dance pop ambience of “Free Falling”.

Loving the overall sensually brooding vocals, and the contemporary touches on the video, and yes whilst still light on lyrics “Free Falling” is a frothily catchy one damn it!, but still remain hopeful for some greater lyrical developments as the album becomes revealed further.