Right from when they first launched the best part of a year ago. Brighton indie, electronic duo Miamigo have had the unquestionable power of turning out melody clad, riff heavy tracks which implant themselves with effortless ease into every receptor of the brain.

As we have seen through a run of introductory singles, the duo formed of Liam and Jamie bring sounds inspired of 80’s yesteryear up to a new place in time by stirring in more than a pinch of dark disco vibes. Whilst, always giving us a chorus we can, at once, get involved with.

Being as Miamigo have since seen out a tour with Hurts, they have covered the ground of mysteriously emerging electronic pop entities to an end. And now it’s time to get serious, step forward to the camera, drop the guard and become recognisable faces as well servicing funk seered, French-electro prolific tunes.

Presenting their debut video proper for current release “Forever”, the guys reveal a rather quirky side to their band persona. One which is seated firmly in the surreally bizarre, lit by a touch paper of dark twisted humour.

A search for something with a value of “Forever”, takes one young TV viewer into the wonderfully weird and debauched side of TV shopping. Where the tele-sales presenters, flash false smiles and will do their upmost persuasive pitching to sell the bin-end of products that are clearly less than value for money.

As the viewer takes to channel hopping, we get to see Miamigo strike up a performance of this stridently confident beat basted track. Whilst, we are locked-in in engagement it totally becomes apparent we have got some upstarts here in Miamigo which are now coming out the gate. all totally neon and noise propelled in the same shoes a little, as Matty Healy and IT band The 1975.

Well that’s how “Forever”, pans out on this release, if it might bring similar future greatness to Miamigo, well that remains to be seen. If the cool kids look as favourably on this as much as I do, then exciting times ahead for Miamigo, beckon.