Since emerging onto the music scene in 2018, the pop singer and songwriter AJ Mitchell has proved himself beyond the TikTok and Instagram hype. Following the success of his 2021 debut album “SKYVIEW,” he even had the foresight to then step away from the social media craziness for the most part. (Even though these platforms played a big part in his breaking out in the first instance). There was a need to experience life without the public gaze and to grow into himself away from the spotlight. He didn’t make it known he was working on new songs. He just gradually distanced himself from his online life.

Similarly, marking his return, he has slowly phased back into the ways of updating his social media. Spontaneously announcing the upcoming release of “As Far As The Eye Can See” his sophomore album. Commencing with the single “Passionate” and following up with “Foolish,” the latter of which just came out.

On the soul-baring “Foolish” AJ makes the decision to live in the present and ride with his feelings. In a conversation with himself, he decides to take the plunge into a relationship, regardless of knowing the outcome would likely turn out with him getting hurt.

In Mitchell’s own words…

Foolish” is about giving in to things that feel good even if you know they’re ultimately going to end in heartbreak. It’s human. “ 

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Since “Foolish” is lyrically led and ruminating, there are plenty of situations to work through or explore. This is where a music video comes into its own. The clip for the heart-on-sleeve-styled track “Foolish” sees AJ take a chance on love and yet become absorbed by emotional despair even though he recognises his love interest is not good for him. What better way to do this than to shoot a music video as if it were a movie. Creating drama with epic scenes. Sailing solo on the ocean in a small boat to a remote spot on an island to search for clarity and closure. Yet everywhere there is a memory that lurks like a demon and won’t rest.

There is some good to come out of this bittersweet situation and for AJ Mitchell, it is that his voice sounds better than ever. Also, his newfound growth as an artist is setting a new course for him as a solo artist. Carving a path to international stardom. It’s obvious that this talented musician has what it takes to make it big, and his future looks incredibly bright.

There’s more to AJ Mitchell than meets the eye, and he’s taking us “As Far As The Eye Can See on May 3. Stay tuned for more information, set to be announced soon.

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