The moment I heard Kodaline’s “Follow Your Fire” it stopped me in my tracks. Having been aware of the Irish indie band for years, I haven’t heard anything from them which is in the same league as the latest single. The Dublin outfit has earned a reputation for crafting ebullient melodies which are addictive and instant classics. And, with the music meeting somewhere between indie, rock and pop, the band have always given themselves scope to seamlessly, diversify their style and sound. Kodaline began pushing the boundaries last year on the track “Brother” which showed their signature sound and sweeping songcraft had grown. It couldn’t be more apparent than on “Follow Your Fire.”

The song starts off with a pleasant slow-burning intro allowing vocalist Stephen Garrigan to take centre stage. He has such, a nice soothing timbre to his voice which carries with a tender warmth. It is the kind of voice that makes its impact with the smallest turn of a whispered phrase. As a catchy riff kicks in you can feel the build to the chorus promises to blow up the song to a rousingly euphoric dimension. As the beats pick up it is here where Kodaline make the biggest, change to their sound yet, by adding a synth element. Some things haven’t changed, the lyrics are typical of the band, expressive and thriving on classic songwriting. The song isn’t a whole world away from their indie beginnings although the vibes feel somewhat, more commercial on this song.

The video has a real genuine authenticity to it. It captures some couples purely enjoying their best everyday life, embracing spending quality time together in a carefree way. The couples connections, certain looks to one another and smiles say it all in this video, where director Dominic O’Riordan has put the heart into heart-warming. It is a fitting visual accompaniment to a song which seems set to make an indelible, mark on the ears of music fans worldwide.

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