I’m beginning to think these gay kiss videos are starting to become a thing, and well, I love it…

“First Love” is an upbeat summer track that is all sorts of infectious on it’s own. However, LGBT equality seems very important to the lads of Father Tiger and rather than just putting out regular music video, the boys have decided to spread a positive message with “First Love” through this fun and unique music video.

“First Love” was directed by Michael Medico and the music video embodies tolerance and the fight for equality all the way down to the supporters who helped create the video; over fifty people donated their time and services, and the venue contributed their fee to the Gay and Lesbian Center of Los Angeles. Partial proceeds from “First Love” will also go towards organizations such as Freedom to Marry, American Foundation for Equal Rights and Lambda Legal.

Wow – guys, this is amazing and selfless and quite frankly has perked up my morning. You’re one of the reasons why it’s getting better for gay musicians in the industry and it really helps that your music is top-notch too.

Thank you Father Tiger.

And there’s more! If you liked “First Love”, check out their video for “Head Hung Low” on YouTube!