Zorro Blakk 3

Now what do you do when you’re an ace songwriter whose mainly concentrating your creative writing efforts on penning hits for emerging newcomer musical talents when you take the plunge of releasing your material as your own project, do you stay with your birthright name or opt for a pop glamourous pseudonym to set you apart from the day job?

For Daniel Volpe as part of the lyrical team behind some of EQ’s favoured artists such as Kaden, Adam Tyler and Osvaldo Supino, the choice of some distinction has seemingly rounded Daniel up into entering his credentials into a super hero name generator, which has spun back with the moniker of Zorro Blakk. I mean how else would you suppose you’d come up with a name such as that!

In detailing a few of Daniel/Zorro’s previous credits, you’ll already be aware that he’s adept in skills, but hear more! There’s also a sterling vocal talent behind the pen!

Aside from beavering away penning creations for others Daniel as Zorro Blakk has been putting all in on his own debut collection of tracks, coming together as “The Fairy Tale Of Zorro Blakk”, which you can preview here and I can attest to it being of some splendid standing throughout.

Introduction comes via a collaborative effort with fellow songwriting pal Charlie Mason and blindingly good vocalist Lulu Bell, as they present synth shiny mid-tempo 80’s suited pop ballad “Fireworks”.

The level of poignancy carried through this performance by both Lulu and Zorro is quite superb, and to be honest it had me throwing my retro clock back in similar spine-tingling evocative awesome that “Alone” by Heart planted on the charts and in my memory banks.

For such a beautifully captivating song there really is no need to pretty up its video with the super strengths of technical grandeur and FX, concentrating on both the vocal subjects and subtle lighting tones has perfect measure of visual impact.

Last word: Stunning!