I make no apologies for writing about yet another up-and-coming Danish pop singer. I know I have remarked about this many times lately. The Danes are definitely riding high in the electronic pop realm. (Far more so than any other of the Scandinavian territories). It is quite a turnaround for Denmark. The little brother of Sweden and Norway has come of age as far as churning out electronic pop is concerned. I can’t tell you how many emails I have read or how many submissions I have checked out in the last week since I got back from holiday. (Suffice to say there were many). That Sander Sanchez with the song “Feel the Love” made me stop in my tracks, should tell you something about the immediate pull of the song. Or how impressionable Sander’s vocal artistry was to me, upon first listen.

If you haven’t worked out yet, I am a sucker for uplifting anthems that empower with a positive message. With a generously sized dollop of electronic pop power and nearly as much positive influence as an empowerment quote from self-love queen Lizzo, “Feel the Love” delivers.

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In writing the track Sander notes,

“It is important that we don’t forget to love ourselves first, because it is the prerequisite for passing it on to others. My new single is about focusing on the emotions, that give you strength, joy and energy, so you can have a positive influence on others”, says the colourful singer.

Also getting the thumbs up from me is the rainbow referenced music video. In the song lyrics, Sander declares “I feel a fire in my veins. I feel the love taking over my hate.” The premise of this is most visible in the music video where, in one frame we see Sander, face wet with tears. In the next scene, he appears with glistening rainbow coloured streaks cascading down his cheeks instead.

When the sun came out Easter weekend, I needed a song with a feel-good chorus to take outside with me. With the upbeat musicality and the hopeful voiced lyrics of “Feel the Love” this really couldn’t and didn’t go wrong.

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