Kate Hanevik

Again we look to Norwegian singer/songwriter Kate Havnevik’s upcoming Guy Sigsworth produced third studio album “&I”, secured through the sweeping electronic template of second focus single “Falling”.

As previously noted of Kate and Guy’s works together, the overall sonic picture proves both visionary and compelling, none more so than seen on the forebodingly dark “Emperor Of Nowhere” introduction to “&I”.

Falling” the sophomore single of this album is more observing of an eclectic character, spun by an aura radiating of syncopated synth work acting in measured support of Kate’s beautifully honeyed vocals.

Here the visual concept concentrates upon representing a state of transitional intermediateness indicative of teetering on the knife-edge between success versus failure, which is enacted through an abstractly expressive visual conveyed by the coming together of oppositely striking female leads in Kate and actress Ingrid Bolsø Berdal.

In keeping with the lyrical narrative, the melody compliantly swells and recedes in equal measure, when it does reach its highest-point of journey to the chorus, it arrives assuredly embracing an awakening of synth uplifting fabulousity.