Years & Years

By my reckoning there were two more obvious single opportunities to be had from Years & Years impeccable debut album “Communion”. These being “Gold” and “Eyes Shut”.

Having learned in recent days that Y&Y have lent the upbeat anthem “Gold” to the compilation soundtrack of FIFA 2016, the trio waste no time in announcing the next single choice as “Eyes Shut” through a simultaneous release of both the single and video.

It would be safe to say that “Communion” in the main, adheres to a pop formula gravitated of Years & Years well received signature sound of dreamy soul infused, electronic dance pop, flushed through at a mid-tempo pace. With the most notable variation on this coming via the introspectively groomed ballad “Eyes Shut”. To go with this as a single choice, post festival season, really is showing a good notion of optimum timing, we thinks!

In as much that Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” can be considered the pinnacle choice of single from “In The Lonely Hour”, Years & Years “Eyes Shut” is in some way comparable in character to the Sam Smith mega-hit. The similarities play on, from the soothing touch of piano keys playing into the heart of a gospel tinged arrangement, assisted by a soulful toned vox that excels in reaching up into a passionately fluid falsetto top-range.

Eyes Shut” can truly redeem itself as a masterpiece of confessional synth-pop. The lyrical narratives attest to this in carrying a theme of seeking self preservation, whilst encountering bleak episodes in life’s journey. A theme that cuts right through in the visual, centering upon ominously apocalyptic surroundings and finding your way past adversity.