It’s truly a blessing to have someone who knows us well enough to recommend something that we will undoubtedly love. That’s why I feel grateful for my son Luke’s vigilance when checking out new music tips that spring up via his social media. And that he similarly always alerts me to interesting new finds that he knows will suit my taste. Some of these tips have ended up featured here on EQ Music Blog. However, I have to especially commend him when bringing the track “Evilin” by Zoe Graham to my attention recently. Since it’s his best tip yet. 

Glasgow-based Zoe is by no means an undiscovered talent. She is well-known in the Scottish music scene, and furthermore, is a noted Scottish Alternative Music Award winner. When starting out, Zoe began her music career crafting quirky folk pop offerings. However, she switched styles not long ago and now embraces synths as part of her latest alt-pop direction.

Her song “Evilin,” somewhat marks a new chapter for Zoe. The track is her first release in three years and is noticeably among the most vibrant of her releases to date. In this track, Zoe is exactly the right kind of quirky for my taste. The song is wonderfully eclectic on its own, but when paired with a music video, the track really springs to life. In this instance especially, a storyboard-styled video works wonders.   

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Zoe has written “Evilin” “about those people that aren’t so good for you.” Clearly in this instance, “Evilin” is an apt play on words. It also seems Evilin who is played in the video by Zoe’s real life mum Annette, is portraying the events of someone going through a mid-life crisis. One minute “Evilin” is dutifully cooking up a bakery storm. Then in a split of a nanosecond, she’s smashing up layer cakes, gateaux and cupcakes with her bare hands like a crazy lady. Seemingly because the pressure of life takes its toll on her. 

I could happily watch this video over and over. The song is super catchy and suitably quirky, and Zoe notably pulls off a commanding vocal performance. But maybe I also love the clip, because I identify with the struggles the character Evilin, experiences.

What is for sure, after noticing Zoe Graham because of this track, I’m invested in keeping an eye on her.

If you’re heading to The Great Escape in Brighton, make sure to check out Zoe. She’s performing Thursday, 16th May. And, my gut instinct tells me her set could be quite brilliant.  

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