The Manchester-based experimental art/rock band, Everything Everything, has recently undergone a significant sound evolution. It’s evident that they’ve leaned further into their alt-pop sensibilities within their latest album, “Mountainhead“. With seven albums under their belt, it felt somewhat inevitable that they would bring in more synths to experiment within the alternative realm. The band has always been known for its visionary aesthetic, and its fearlessness towards pushing the boundaries of music styling is commendable. Embracing the realm of synthesiser pop on “Mountainhead” is a bold and progressive leap for the band, as they continue to pave the way for experimental music.

However, it is the latest focus track “Enter The Mirror,” that has turned me on to Everything Everything right now. Since namely, they’ve disguised their guitars in such a way that they sound very similar to synths. The resulting music soundscape is vastly sonic with a soft electronic air of dreaminess.

This song with a light and airy melody juxtaposed with thoughtful and provocative lyrics, delves into the themes of identity, self-discovery, and transformation. The song starts off on a darker note. Although, eventually transitions into a happier atmosphere. It’s the perfect mix of depth and upliftment.

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Don’t miss out on experiencing Jonathan Higgs of the band, unique and creative approach to music videos. Especially the recent music videos, from the period during the pandemic lockdown to the present. These have significantly taken the creative aspects of visual clips to a whole new level. The latest music video “Enter The Mirror” co-directed with Kit Monteith, uses a wooden puppet to emote the sense of searching. As the story unfolds the visual takes us on a journey of self-discovery. Where the puppet thinks he recognizes a friend in the mirror, but realizes that it’s just his own reflection. The concept is not only thought-provoking, it also adds to the overall artistic value of the music.

Everything Everything is undoubtedly a band that has made a name for itself with its uncompromising music. Their work is readily the subject of praise for its intelligent lyrics and ability to create a vivid and transformative experience for the listener. The track “Enter The Mirror” and the album “Mountainhead,” continue to showcase the band’s evolution in unanticipated ways. Their unique sound and musical experimentation make them a band, continually worth watching out for.

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