Attention, please. This is very important! San Francisco based Indie pop band Kezar just dropped the music video for their track “Don’t Touch The Queen.” I think everyone needs to watch this clip because it is powerfully, empowering and embraces real-life circumstances. The video footage follows seven women from all walks of life, who each have inspirational stories to share. The song and the video are Kezar’s way of celebrating these phenomenal ladies. Plus, the Sarah Wilson Thacker directed piece is a stunning representation of womankind, you really shouldn’t miss a watch, of.

The song itself was directly inspired by an incident the band’s frontman Jack Mosbacher witnessed in a club. “I was speaking to a woman when a drunk idiot stumbled up and groped her. Without hesitating, she punched him directly in the face. As he gasped for air, she remarked, matter-of-factly: Uh-huh. Don’t touch the queen.” From this incident, a rhythmic and fierce track was born. This song is for every woman who finds a way to endure, survive and thrive.

The electronic masterstrokes from Kezar have composed a bold, fitting anthem for these trailblazing ladies. Punchy bass-heavy beats head up the charge on the track. A rumble of techno presence, rumbles intermittently, crackling like a neon flare shooting up into the sky. There is a presence of urgency surging through the melody. Where noticeably the driving beats majestically rise up out of the EDM rich soundscape. By far the biggest achievement, Jack Mosbacher gives us with this track, is that is a triple threat, being something catchy on the ear, memorable on the mind and a splash of hotness for the dance floor.

Kezar is a new project for Jack Mosbacher and Fantastic Negrito drummer James Small. The collaboration is somewhat a striking contrast for the bluesy, soulster singer/musicians. Since turning their attention in a different direction, there is no denying the new beats are packing heat. Recently released, self-titled debut EP along with the latest track “Don’t Touch The Queen” are steeped with electronic styling and emotional realness. Musically both artists are striking out well beyond their comfort zone, but these new moves are impressive, and I really think they have struck the pot of gold they’ve been striving for, with the current track. My interest is piqued, I most definitely want to know and hear more, from the project going forward. If you happen to feel likewise, keep on the ball and follow Kezar on the links below.

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