Rae Morris

We said we’d be keeping an eye glanced over alternatively sweeping vocalist Rae Morris when she was featured as an EQ Emerging Artist at the turn of the year.

Our initial opinion of Rae’s gossamery light songbird qualities continue to prove correct as her current work with Sky Ferreira and Charli XCX producer Ariel Rechtshaid leads up to the forthcoming release of their debut album together with the of showing of new track material in “Do You Even Know?

I am strangely drawn to imagine that if Katy B were to dabble into an eclectically involved persepective it might result in lending well too something sounding much like “Do You Even Know?” but maybe that’s mostly down to Ariel’s use of an echophonically resonating bassline, as Rae’s vocal tone is preciously unrivaled and unparalleled, there isn’t any one female vocalists name that I could pinpoint in true similarity upon it.

Rae is showing such class in her recent video treatments also, these really are the mark of an artist who is headed to the bigger times. Following up on the aesthetically expressive clip that accompanied “Skins”, comes another vision of contemporary engaging performance through an outlook of statically stilted characterisation, and which has been further enlightened upon personally by Rae on her YouTube account.

I wanted people to be able to feel the discomfort and awkwardness of feeling misunderstood. I wanted people to see me as a mannequin shining on the outside but with the inside well hidden. The end of the video is my favourite part.

My figure, the static character, begins turning and spiralling out of control through a form of stop frame animation. At the end, the spiralling stops and I’m no longer in the chains of the statuesque stillness from before, but moving more freely and dancing.

To me, that symbolises an acceptance and shy confidence knowing that it doesn’t really matter if people know you or not…

Be sure to expect to be overcome with enveloping eclectic waves of sheer all-embracing metaphysically placed and supernaturally sent rapture when listening to this.